Working with good people

on August 16th, 2015

Recently I've been reading a post about "work with good people", and I must write about that.

Nowadays I'm working in a company that is "reinventing" their product. I started working there on March 2014, but I started working with web development 8 years ago. In these years, I've worked in some small companies that didn't had a development team itself. In fact, some of them had only me as a developer and that environment make me a "spoiled" developer. I got used with the fact that the company didn't require a lot of me. The knowledge that I had was enough.

But, changes came and when I met my new environment I think: I need further study.

People "good people" will charge you to work well. They will charge you a code clean, easy to maintain (and not because they are lazy, but because it is essentially good), scalable code, good logic programming and more. You will "be beaten" by good people. They will charge all the time so that your focus is the same as theirs: to develop following good practices and thinking outside the box, outside the CPU of this machine you hit the keyboard typing code into a run sometimes unfocused (in case you).

After a year and a half working in this new company, I learned much more than in last 6 years. That doesn't happed because the company let me study or give an environment that encourages learning, but because of good people, good on develop, programming, engineering, design, ux and more. These people have encouraged me to learn more and more, and what I want bring to discussion is: the company where you work, doesn't care so much if you like to learn.

Wait, don't freak out.

As your knowledge grows, your desire of working in a place that encourages you to learn more, grows up too. There are people that need an encouragement to start learn (like me), but I learned that this does not depends on your current environment. That depends on the people around you. Try to be with people who want to grow in knowledge, not in wealth (this is just a consequence).

You will be encouraged to study more, because you will see that good people always do that, and if you stop, you fall.


management, people, learning

by Gabriel Alan